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True Delight Culture

Qianlong Emperor had visited the Lion Grove Garden for six times since the second time when he supervised Jiangnan.

Qianlong Emperor wrote three tablets and ten poems. He even copies Zan Ni’s Picture Scroll of Lion Grove Garden, and ordered to keep the copy ones in Suzhou forever. The first visit in 1757, Qianlong gave a tablet Reflecting Mirror and wrote down a poem. He said in the poem that although the garden is in a busy city, but it feels like in a remote valley. I would like to build it bigger, but if I can live here all the time, it will become others’ property as time pass by. (Note: The garden was changed to Sheyuan Garden and belonged to the Huang Family for a while.) The second visit in 1762, he presented a tablet Zen Temple in Picture and a poem. The third visit in the same year, 1762, he granted a tablet True delight and three poems. Early February of the same year, he also sent satins to both Xuan Huang and Tengxiang Huang (Illustraction 1-10, 1-11). He wrote down two poems at the fourth visit in 1765, one poem at the fifth visit in 1780, and two poems at the sixth visit in 1784.

Qianlong Emperor had a replica of the garden constructed in the Changchun garden of the Summer Palace and at the Chengde Mountain Resort according to the models of buildings and landscape of the garden asked from Suzhou officers in 1771.