Lion Forest Management Branch Party branch to carry out "clear-cut stand" politics, "five check five see" strong consciousness "special organization life meeting"
2017-08-14   13:14

 In order to thoroughly implement the bureau Party committee "on" clear-cut politics, the "five check five" strong consciousness of party spirit education notice "spirit, August 10th morning, Suzhou City lion forest management branch held a" clear-cut political, "five check five" strong sense of "thematic organizational life, deputy director Zhou Qilin Xuan Group Office Deputy Director Gao Zhigang attend guidance.

        At the meeting, Party branch secretary You Jianming first conveyed the CPC Suzhou municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued "on the" two a "learning education normalization institutionalized work arrangements in 2017" the spirit of the notice, the deployment of the second half of the Party branch of learning plan, urged all Party members to focus on supporting learning plan, refine the individual learning plans, emphasizing self mainly, push forward the "two a" learning education normalization institutionalized. Subsequently, members with personal thoughts and actual work on the party spirit, sense of organization, morality, discipline consciousness, revealing problems play spirit from five aspects, analyze the causes and propose corrective measures.

        After the discussion, deputy director Zhou Qilin to carry out the purpose and significance of "five check five" activities are discussed emphasizing, made comments on the meeting, asked to every member of the branch of speech materials were collated archived, and select one to two party members to participate in the Bureau of speech communication system. At the end of the party, civilized city re evaluation work has been emphasized, that branch and all Party members in awe, holding a ruler, that is, well bred, keep the bottom line, a sense of urgency, strengthen the sense of responsibility to promote the work, keep step with, the second half of the year, with excellent performance to meet the nineteen big victory is held.