Suzhou lion forest management department will study and implement the work situation analysis of the first half of the Bureau
2017-08-14   13:20

 On the morning of August 7th, the Lion Forest Management Office of Suzhou held a meeting to study and implement the work situation analysis of the first half of the Bureau. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jie, director of the management department, and the management team leader and department managers attended the meeting.

        The meeting, director Zhang Jie conveyed the Secretary Chen Dalin in the first half of the work situation analysis meeting of speech, new progress has been made in the first half of the Lion Forest Administration on the review, and focus on the Lion Forest Management Office in the second half of the focus of the work carried out a detailed deployment: it is to pay attention to protection, strengthen the study and inheritance context; two is the continuous propaganda, cohesion creativity, promote culture; the three is to strengthen the management, hard skills, improve service. I hope all the staff can focus on a goal, to tackle tough, class struggle attitude implement, results, ningxinjuli, realistic and innovative, new progress in promoting the garden work.

        After the meeting, Party branch secretary You Jianming led all the party members, party secretary Chen Dalin learned to "take politics, strengthening the consciousness of seeking" as a theme lectures, lectures and puts forward a new request for the party from five aspects: one is about learning, make sensible politics; two is the organization of the party spirit, do loyal people; the three is about the integrity, do disciplinary rules; the four is about the performance of their duties, do the pragmatic style of people; the five is about the play, the leader for action. Finally, especially Secretary urged all Party members to strengthen the "Four Consciousness", striving to be the "Five", "six strict discipline and take practical action to carry out the" two a ", raise the political stance, strictly political discipline, strengthen the party consciousness, fulfill the responsibility.