Lion forest management department carries out fire safety knowledge training in summer
2017-08-16   11:11

 In order to further enhance staff awareness of fire safety, improve self-protection and self rescue ability, prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents in August 15th, the lion forest management department to carry out the summer electric fire safety training, management departments, teams and personnel participated in the training of property.

        This training by listing a pile of shocking fire in the real case, to explain the public places and vehicle fire knowledge, the cause of the fire, the proper use of various types of fire equipment and fire escape self-help basic knowledge, and explains the importance of fire prevention. A large number of fire scenes, pictures, demonstrations and video playback, so that we clearly understand that fire is fierce tiger, the correct escape knowledge and the use of fire equipment for fire escape self-help is essential. Through the fire safety knowledge training, to strengthen the prevention of security awareness, and improve the emergency handling capacity of workers.