The lion forest should do a good job of studying and visiting the Zhejiang Tourism Bureau
2017-09-04   11:36

 In August 29th, Fu Wei, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Administration, and 15 of his party visited the lion forest administration. Deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau Zhan Gengqing, planning and development department director Malone, comprehensive regulations Chen Jinsong, deputy director of the Suzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau Xu Weirong, planning and development department director Xu Zheng and the lion forest management department leaders accompanied.

         A study group visited the ancestral hall, Suzhou Folk Museum, nine Lion Peak, really fun Pavilion and a hall park attractions, and listen to the management office director Zhang Jie on the lion Lin Renwen history and Folklore Museum, classical gardens and open use and development, heritage protection and management and other aspects of the introduction.
         Deputy director Fu Wei said that the investigation personally felt the profound historical and cultural lion, the lion in the forest tourism and travel integration aspects of the work done is also commendable, especially with open forest and folk lion Museum reproduces the historical appearance, more integration of tourism resources and optimize the tourism space, rich the tourism projects, enhance the quality of tourism, it is worth learning and learning.