Lion forest management went to Xi'an to participate in the "paradise on earth, free Suzhou" travel promotion meeting
2017-09-11   15:00
In from September 6th to 8th, the lion forest administration went to Xi'an with the Municipal Tourism Bureau to participate in the "Suzhou on earth paradise" travel promotion meeting.

        The northbound promotion is mainly for more than 20 media representatives from Shaanxi and Xi'an. At the meeting, the Municipal Tourism Bureau responsible person around Suzhou vigorously develop global tourism, integrated services in food and housing, travel shopping and entertainment as one of the aspects of the focus on promotion, also carefully prepared, Soviet style tea and Kunqu Opera creative gifts, let the scene really represent to experience Su slow life authentic pleasant mood. The lion forest management office as Suzhou garden representatives at the meeting to the media the attractions of publicity and promotion, and a sincere invitation, hope all the media to visit Suzhou, to feel the real lion rockery Kingdom and Zen Garden blending characteristic flavor, and with the media publicity to further expand the Lion Forest in northern China the market brand influence, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting tourists.