The lion forest management department organized the experience of woodcut Year paintings
2017-12-27   13:18

 To vigorously promote the traditional culture and art, better inherit the Yimin arts, recently, management department and Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut studio in the park to carry out joint New Year paintings Joe New Year paintings woodcut tourist experience activities.

    Taohuawu woodblock annual painting, which began in the Ming Dynasty and flourished in the Qing Dynasty, has more than four hundred years of history. The techniques of Song Dynasty inherited the woodblock printing process, in the form of painting, painting, the hall door, she embodies the Jiangnan folk aura, with artistic features of fine, the fair is famous in the world, known as the "oriental ancient art flower". At the basis of traditional management techniques on Taohuawu New Year paintings, the use of modern printing techniques, combined with the unique "Lin Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting flower garden windows, launched the innovative engraving engraving rubbing interaction, parents bring children enthusiastic participation, warm response.

    The experience of the national intangible cultural heritage art in the Soviet style classical garden, between painting and non painting, heritage art into a non adherents, nostalgia for the contemporary aesthetics of life, but also to meet the spiritual needs of tourists for a better life.