The lion forest was awarded the "Tripadvisor" award for the year of 2017.
2017-12-29   10:58

 In December 21st, TripAdvisor launched the 2017 prize awarding ceremony of travelers in Suzhou and the award of excellence in Suzhou. The lion forest was present at the awards and won the TripAdvisor "Excellence Award". TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel platform, every year for global hotels, attractions, restaurants, according to an annual global contribution to millions of travelers comments, multi dimension evaluation and selection of "annual award of excellence in the business, to recognize outstanding performance in the last year, providing reviews and suggestions of great reference value for travelers. For lion forest, it is the best way to obtain the 2017 annual award for TripAdvisor (cat journey Eagle) for the global tourists' approval of the work of the management office. By virtue of the service of high quality and enthusiasm, meticulous and considerate scenic area management, multi platform and multi angle publicity scenic spot won the honor. As a driving force, lion forest will continue to use the global tourism platform of TripAdvisor (cat's Hawk) to provide more intimate services for more global travelers, further establish the brand image of Lion Forest and enhance the visibility of lion forest.