A new round of job training for property workers in the Lion Forest Management Department
2018-01-12   11:35

 The morning of January 8th, the Lion Forest Administration for landscape management in Yung Park appearance, security, service etiquette and garden order etc. the normal management of the target, to quantify and refine the content of the work, for a new round of successful property companies, security management and clean work standardized operation training.
In 2019 2018 "management based on property management manual", combined with the details of that in the daily assessment of the inspection summary and analysis, the new revision of the "property security personnel clean and civilized etiquette and detailed provisions", to clean and working personnel of the security post interpretation and presentation, clear job responsibilities and the etiquette service requirements, in the operation procedure, work content, behavior, appearance, service and other aspects to further standardize the taboo.

        At the meeting, deputy director Shen Feng stressed that the cleaning and security work is an important job for tourists, represents the Lion Forest Scenic every word and action service image, require property employees to achieve the brains, eyes, hands and feet Qin Qin, to further standardize and pay attention to self service image, to achieve high standards high quality, fine, normal work requirements.

        Finally, the Secretary You Jianming summed up the 2017 year property management, put forward specific requirements for a new round of property management: one is to the scientific and standardized management, to grasp the details, improve operation skills; two is to recognize the importance of property management services, service awareness should be implemented in daily work; three the job is to enhance the sense of responsibility, establish a sense of safety, no accidents, no complaints, no negative reports; four is to cherish the present, love their work, to carry forward the hard work style.