The lion forest management department successfully completed the 2017 year leading cadres and the backbone of the middle of the party, the State responsible for honesty the law and democratic evaluati
2018-01-12   11:39

 In order to implement the requirements of the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, the leading leading group and the middle level backbone should be taken the lead in leading the demonstration and leading role in the development and construction of the unit. On 9 January, the lion forest management at the 2017 annual meeting of leading cadres of the party and the backbone of the Middle School of the law of the State responsible for honesty and democratic evaluation meeting. The conference was presided over by Secretary You Jianming, deputy director of the Bureau of Zhou Qilin, deputy director of Gao Zhigang of the organization and personnel department, leaders of the management office, and the managerial staff of the team leader attended the meeting.

        At the meeting, party secretary You Jianming on the 2017 annual office party branch building, branch secretary duties for a special report. The leading group members conscientiously summarized the following aspects: ideological transformation, conscientious performance, honesty and self-discipline, awareness of rules and regulations, combined with their respective responsibilities. Subsequently, participants, based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, carried out democratic assessments of Party building, leadership and members' morality, energy, diligence, achievement and integrity respectively. After the evaluation, the Deputy Secretary Zhou Qilin made comments on the implementation of the meeting affirmed, spoke highly of the work of the Lion Forest in 2017, put forward specific requirements for the new year work: one is to maintain the momentum of development, stimulating activities, plan 2018 annual work, early start, a good start; the two is to enhance the sense of innovation to enhance the service function of scenic spots; three is to intensify the construction of staff team, maintain good vitality and competitiveness.

        The "five narration" activities expanded to the backbone of the middle level. It is a pioneering undertaking for the lion forest to grasp the party's construction. It is an important measure to implement strict administration and strengthen the construction of the cadre team. Through the "five statements", we should further promote the leading cadres and middle level cadres to identify differences, establish standards, change their style of work and set up an image. They will play a leading role in leading the development of the unit and play an exemplary role. The meeting has achieved the expected goal.