The lion forest management department carries out the reading salon activities
2018-01-12   11:41

 In order to further enrich the cultural life of the cadres and workers, guide the staff and workers to read more books and read good books, improve their own quality and improve their service skills. In the afternoon of January 9th, the Lion Forest Management Office organized cadres and workers to watch the "fan Dun book meeting" and learned to share the global best-selling book, "non violent communication".

        In the activity, Mr. Fan Deng analyzed the sources of violent communication, and focused on how to achieve non violent communication -- to express their feelings and needs truly, and to listen attentively to others without listening to criticism and accusation. And through a lot of situations in life tell us how to practice non violent communication skills and learn the art of communicating in peace and peace.

        This training enables you to feel the communication atmosphere of sincerity, harmony, understanding and respect through changing the way of conversation and listening, and finally become a gentle and friendly person.