The lion forest management office organizes the annual star rated interpreter
2018-01-29   16:22

 In order to further strengthen the management team to explain, to enhance and improve the comprehensive quality of the instructors, scenic tourists meet the growing cultural needs, to create a scenic area on the service brand, fully display the external image of the window, the Lion Forest Management Office recently launched a guide star rating activities. The leadership of the management department attaches great importance to the participation of the staff of the director of Zhang Jie, the head of the Department and the person in charge of the Department.

        This assessment involves the usual performance of the commentator, attendance rate, work attitude, team spirit, basic knowledge of tour guide, content, etiquette standard, language expression and on-site adaptability. Through the assessment of the ordinary work, the field explanation and the written test, the final evaluation of the five star interpreter 1, four star interpreter 2, the Samsung interpreter 3. In the process of explaining and assessing, the commentator can basically express the content comprehensively and accurately, explain the service procedure correctly and completely, but there are also problems such as lack of explanation content, lack of agility in thinking reaction and so on. After the game, director Zhang Jie made comments on the explanation and assessment, and put forward higher requirements to the commentators. One is to focus on the daily accumulation of knowledge of landscape culture, from many aspects to broaden their knowledge; the two is to combine to explain the content, into their own understanding, enhance the appeal; three is to further improve the quality of service consciousness, service etiquette, in order to improve the whole service level of the lion forest, to enhance the visibility and influence.