Suzhou Lion Forest Management Office convened the 2017 annual work summary conference
2018-01-29   16:41

 In January 19th, Suzhou Lion Forest Management Office held the 2017 annual work summary conference. The conference was presided over by You Jianming, Secretary of the management office. The head of the management department and the staff of the Department attended the meeting.

        The meeting, director Zhang Jie respectively to heritage protection heritage, landscape garden, fine management, economic income internal construction to enhance the four aspects summed up the work in 2017, and points out the problems existing in the work and the insufficiency, and focus on the 2018 work plans and prospects of comprehensive and detailed. Then, he conveyed the spirit of director Chen Dalin's speech at the 2017 work meeting of the Bureau. Secretary Chen Dalin proposed to firmly establish the new concept of development, innovation and development in high quality development as the main line, with the project construction, landscape protection, environmental remediation, garden economy and clean government as the focus, focus, make up the short board, strength, complete the new annual goals and tasks.
        The conference also commended the advanced groups and individuals that emerged in the year of 2017, and the departments deployed the recent work. Director Zhang Jie pointed out that the face of the challenges and opportunities of work in 2018, hope everyone around the focus of the work, strengthen the sense of urgency, sense of mission and responsibility, in a pragmatic style, to dare to play the spirit of innovation, to methods, forge ahead, work hard to create a new situation in the protection and management of garden.