The lion forest management department is conscientiously doing a good job of anti snow and antifreeze
2018-02-05   16:31

 In recent years, the large scale snowstorm weather has not been met for many years in Sucheng, which has brought great challenges to the architecture, plants and sightseeing of classical gardens. According to the unified deployment of the city and the Bureau, the management department started the response mechanism of "extreme weather emergency preparedness plan" in time to fight against blizzard.

        In January 24th, director Zhang Jie hosted a special meeting on the weather safety prevention of the blizzard disaster, which conveyed the spirit of the special meeting of the superior and arranged the deployment of disaster resistance. After the meeting, she led the team members and departments responsible person, the person in charge of property, electrician, ancient maintenance personnel, has the lion forest, Yiyuan conducted a comprehensive inspection, eliminate safety hazards. In view of the long snowfall and large snowfall, emergency purchase of bamboo sticks, shovels, sacks, brooms, gloves and a number of disaster resistant materials increased the number of material reserves, and ensured enough disaster resistant materials.

        During the disaster, adjust the schedule, the implementation of 24 hours a day on duty system, adhere to the leadership class, set up a disaster emergency team, uninterrupted park construction safety, road skid, trees and snow job processing, comprehensive emergency anti snow emission work. According to snow, the temporary suspension of the lion forest, Yiyuan two garden rockery, garden bridge opening. Suspend the tour publicity card set rockery at the ticket at the entrance, the establishment of isolation facilities in the rockery forbidden entrance, arrange for someone to do the visitors persuasion, not regularly broadcast broadcast to remind snow tour safety. Do the snow slip work at the same time, to fully cooperate with the Humble Administrator's Garden to the north east street pavement snow, to ensure public safety travel.

        The snow disaster in the process, the main leaders visit the front line, the top command, staff initiative Qingzhan and full participation, work together to do the anti snow disaster prevention work, to ensure the safety of garden tour. In this work, all cadres and staff members have a clear division of labor and responsibilities to people. They fully show the overall awareness, initiative and obedience, and the concept of collective unit has been significantly improved. In the later period, the weather will be paid close attention to, and the cold prevention and freezing work will be conscientiously done so as to win the overall victory of the disaster resistance.