The Lion Forest Management Office convened a democratic life Conference for leading cadres
2018-02-05   16:33

 In the afternoon of January 30th, according to the requirements of the Party committee's "Notice of conscientiously starting the 2017 Party's leading cadres' democratic life meeting", the lion forest management department held a leading group's thematic democratic life meeting. The meeting to seriously study the thought of Xi Jinping's new era of China socialism, fully implement the party's nineteen and the bureau Party committee's decision to deploy as the theme, with the team and individual actual in-depth investigation, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, uphold the truth, correct mistakes, enhancing unity and spirit. The meeting was presided over by Secretary You Jianming.

        At the meeting, Secretary You Jianming informed the situation of widely soliciting opinions, combed the suggestions and opinions put forward by the staff, studied and worked out corrective measures, and made clear the departments to carry out the implementation. Subsequently, the Secretary You Jianming take the lead with their ideas, work discipline, in-depth revealing problems, carry out self-criticism, clear rectification direction. Other team members around the "constitution" "criterion", "Regulations" requirements, from the problems of ideology, organization, style, discipline and other aspects of in-depth investigation, analysis of the ideological roots, to carry out the rectification measures. Members of the team focus on the overall situation, for the public criticism of each other. The goal of unity, criticism, unity, was achieved.

        Finally, the concluding remarks stressed: Jianming especially leading cadres to control "on the new situation in the political life of the party," Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations", as in the past to high standards and fulfill the obligations of Party members, to carefully control the revealing problems and rectification list, really grasp the true change, to improve their work style, improve service common skills, unit comprehensive development mission, pragmatic style, strengthen the ability to find and solve the problems of the line, and constantly improve the unit cohesion and centripetal force for the development of landscape to a new level and constantly forge ahead.