The management department of the lion forest accepts the special supervision work of the "clean wind action" during the new year's day during the Spring Festival of the discipline inspection group of
2018-02-05   16:35

 As a comprehensive firm strictly, continue in-depth grasp style construction, consolidate and develop the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight achievements, relaxation and endless remediation four winds, improve the style of work, according to the requirements of "landscape and Greening Management Bureau during the New Year Spring Festival Wind Action" special inspection work plan, the Lion Forest Administration attaches great importance to the deployment of a will, unity of thinking, strengthen understanding, control inspection content, by comparison, find the problem, to strengthen prevention and control, to ensure that the "violations do not occur during the two.

        In February 1st, the fourteenth discipline inspection group accredited by the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection was escorted by the inspection room under the supervision of the Bureau. It took the way of listening, reporting, checking on the spot, checking accounts and collective discussion, and conducted a special inspection of Lin Yuandan's "Qingfeng action" during the Spring Festival. On the reception of illegal business, illegal public funds, public funds to buy alcohol, disguised public funds tourism, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies or welfare, illegal use of the bus or private car public support, WeChat transfers and other forms of accepting illegal gifts, accepting illegal boxing or card and so on ten aspects to carry out supervision and inspection of key. And extension of the trade union accounts, canteen accounts were checked. The discipline inspection group of the lion forest administration and efficient work and strict execution of fully affirmed, requirements management department to strengthen the main responsibility, keep a good position, firmly clean politics in this taut strings, sustained force, to prevent the four winds up, maintain the momentum of development of good units!