Lion Grove management office to repair the ancestral hall "5 song map" giant painting
2018-04-23   10:08

 Recently, Lion Grove Management Office repaired the great picture of the 2.7 meters *2.2 meters in the ancestral hall. "Five pine maps" for the famous painter of Suzhou, Mr. Zhang Jixin for the lion forest creation, painting the wind thick and simple, the picture of five blue Qiu Jinsong green and green, reproduced the Qing Dynasty Kangxi year lion forest had a long mood of the big pine trees. Because of the influence of light, temperature and humidity in the process of "five pine", the surface of the calligraphy and painting appeared on the surface of mould and scale, and the watermarks were left on the wall of the hall. In order to maintain the historic and ornamental nature of the furnishings, the management office refurbished the wall without affecting the visitors' normal visit and rebuilt the wall, and mounted the giant painting on the painting. Mounting, leveling, finalize and framing are now being completed and presented in front of tourists.