Evaluation of "Chuang San You Su Yuan Cup" and the "May 1" pre holiday work inspection by the greeting Bureau of Lion Forest Administration
2018-04-28   14:27

 In the morning of April 25th, the leaders and staff members of Hua Yiming, deputy director of the municipal garden and Greening Administration, carried out a comprehensive examination of the "Chuang three you - Su garden Cup" in the first half of 2018 and the safety of the "May 1" during the first half of 2018.

        The inspection team, accompanied by Zhang Jie, director of the management office, inspected the appearance, quality service, environmental hygiene and safety management of the Lion Grove. Xu Ping, deputy director of the "three divisions and three members" service brand and "six no" activities to create the goal of the management office in the first half of the first half of the "Chuang Suzhou garden Cup" highlight of the work conducted a report; Shen Feng deputy director of the first half of the year and the "may" section of the security work to the inspection group conducted a special report. In the first half of the year, the team made full affirmation of the pre Festival work arrangement of "Chuang three you" and "May 1" in the first half of the lion's forest. To the next step, the deputy director of Hua Yiming put forward specific requirements: first, to study the tourism situation, to further optimize the hardware and software facilities of the scenic area, to provide personalized and humanized service, and two to strengthen the fine garden. We should keep the appearance, maintain and manage, keep normal, do not leave dead places, and protect the classical gardens. The three is to continue to increase the safety of the safety of the scenic spots, focus on the management and standardization of the fire protection, production and logistics occasions, to do a detailed and comprehensive investigation, renovation to be quick and thorough, measures to be in place, the effect should be clearly and lasting.