The quality development of the staff of the Lion Forest Management Department
2018-04-28   14:36

 In order to improve the cohesiveness of the staff and train the spirit of team cooperation, the management department of April 20th and 23 carried out the development of the staff quality with the theme of "team cohesiveness expansion".
The development of quality development is divided into three stages. The first stage is "ice breaking start" project. Through the form of sub team, team selection, team name and team training, the team members can understand each other, cultivate team members' decision-making and overall awareness and teamwork consciousness, and improve team cohesion and self dedication. The second stage is the "shkurba" project, through cooperation between each other, build the foundation of mutual trust among the team members, break the gap between everyone, and enter the training scene as soon as possible. The third stage is "competitive competition", take group confrontation form, exercise is team cooperation, as well as physical ability, skills, intelligence, and expand the training to the climax. Throughout the quality development process, laughter and laughter throughout.

    This development, through the formation, display and integration of the team, can strengthen the ability of understanding and communication for the staff and staff, and enhance the spirit of creating excellent teams. After experiencing the success and joy of dedication, cooperation and courage, we can deeply feel the essence of "no inter team" and as a member of the team. The responsibility of taking the form of outdoor expansion, not only a culture, a spirit and a concept of the transmission, more is a thinking of the experience of life, a kind of enlightenment. In the future, the management department also takes this opportunity to take care of the work and life of the staff and workers to the details and practice, and to train, temper and create the team spirit, dedication and creativity by carrying out the rich and colorful training of knowledge and skills and the cultural activities of the staff and workers, to enhance the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the units, and to continuously promote the units and their units. Harmonious development.