Lion forest management jointly organised Thematic Party Day activities with rail transit
2018-04-28   15:01

 In the morning of April 26th, the Management Office of the lion forest hand in hand with the two branch of the Suzhou Municipal Rail Transit Organization, jointly held an open party day activity on the theme of "learning to speak, understanding the heart and excellent service". The activities were held in front of the lion Lin Citang hall. The deputy director of the garden and Greening Administration, deputy director of Zhou Qilin, Peng Xiuchun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of rail transit, Wan Zhihui and some members of the party members of the trade union, participated in the activities.

In the form of Party lessons, singing red songs, talking about experience, artistic display and vows, the two units have reported the achievements of two units in deep learning and carrying out the spirit of the important speech of "1. 5" in the new era of Chinese socialism, with revolutionary history, revolutionary tradition, revolutionary spirit, revolutionary classics and the understanding of the Communist Party. People's initial heart and mission, the relay courage to serve as the quality of the Communists, together to build service Suzhou, service society, service public service system, let friends from all over the world come to Suzhou, you can feel Suzhou's humanities, deeply feel at home with respect and sense of gain.

After the end of the activities, Secretary You Jianming called on all Party members, not forgetting the beginning of the first heart, and foretold, guided by the nineteen spirit, deeply comprehend the socialist ideology of the Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, the leader of the development of Yongli garden, and to undertake the continuation of the "two benchmarks" and the construction of the "four famous cities". A new chapter in the Chinese dream garden!