The lion forest accelerates the full range of WiFi projects
2018-05-11   10:18

 This year, the Lion Forest Management Office will complete the WiFi project of the lion forest whole garden for the purpose of creating a smart scenic area, promoting the comfort of visitors' garden, providing a quick and convenient network communication service for tourists and opening up the propaganda position of garden tourism. In May 7th, Zhou Jianzhong, director of the Bureau of the Bureau, joined the project constructor to the relevant work before the construction of the lion forest. Zhang Jie, deputy director of the Lion Forest Management Office, accompanied by Shen Feng. After the project builders reported the specific implementation plan, all the staff went to the garden to find out the wiring plans and points to ensure that the traffic demand of the ticket hall, the tourist center, the conference award place and other personnel intensive places were met on the basis of the full coverage of the signal, so as to provide the safe and quick free WiFi clothes for the tourists. Business. The construction of the project will be carried out in an all-round way in the near future. The Lion Forest Management Office also takes this work as an annual key content to track the progress of the project, monitor the quality of the project, and realize the Internet service function as soon as possible.